Rain or shine you’ve seen SANDRO on your for you page

SANDRO is one of those artists you hear for the first time and immediately fall in love with. His heartfelt vocals and affectionate lyrics drew me in. I found SANDRO while I was sifting through TikTok and went straight through all his videos. He is able to show off his music and tell his own personal narrative through his TikTok. His music has been growing exceedingly quick, using TikTok to drive traffic to his Spotify. His stand out record “stay for long” has immensed over 500,000 streams on all platforms and continues to grow. 

SANDRO’s latest release “rain or shine” is simply a blessing for your ears. I was anxious to hear if SANDRO’s next song was going to live up to the stardom of “stay for long”. When I first played the song all the way through, I played it back four times and with my eyes closed – taking in each of his lyrics. His vocals are so crisp and his lyrics are sung softly with ease. You can really hear his confidence in the song. SANDRO sings, “that’s why you’re mine..and were together all the time.” SANDRO’s happiness is derived from his significant other. This kid is a heartthrob, he has girls gawking over him on social media. He’s got the sound and the looks, definitely someone to keep your eyes on this coming year.

Stream SANDRO’s “rain or shine below”.

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