Chase Laser – “out of reach”

Next up, Chase Laser is a 19-year-old alternative-pop artist coming out of Salt Lake City. With his EP dropping on December 4th, he brings 4 powerful and emotional songs with his previous single dropping before the EP “Wayside” to help gain traction. He then tagged along 3 songs making it a perfect blend being of upbeat emotional music his fans can really relate to, which after talking to Chase is his goal for his career. He wants to be able to create music for the purpose of his fans being able to interact and relate to his lyrics. As Chase writes and produces his own music, this gives him the capability of growing into what similar type of artist like the artist he grew up listening to, first being his biggest inspiration to get him writing his own music was “MUSE”. He then had 3 artists who really helps Chase find the inspiration to start dropping his own music 2 years ago which were Aries, The Japanese House, and Keshi.

With this EP Chase had a song for different types of moods, Wayside being the lead of the EP with a powerful upbeat song alongside “leaves” being similarly heavily influenced by the anti-pop scene. It is an easy sing a long song, and even with them being longer songs they still have good replay value with the vibe Chase brings to the table. He brings a large amount of energy where there is no way you will be able to play these songs and not have a good time. He then slows it down with “identity” still following the emotional lyrics while bringing down the mood and giving the fans a nice slow vibe.

Being a smaller artist with around 2500 monthly listeners on Spotify and 182 Followers on Soundcloud. Self-producing and writing his own EP, shows that he is capable of adventure off to different sub-genres. 2021 he mentions that he wants to be able to drop a lot more content on YouTube, Soundcloud and generally just connect with his fans more, so it seems 2021 has a lot in store for you Chase!

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