SEBii drops hard visuals to “BONErr”

SEBii, allows us to join him in a colorful realm - full of vibrant animations in "BONErr:

SEBii, allows us to join him in a colorful realm – full of vibrant animations! I was so excited to see that SEBii and HIVEMIND were collaborating on a video, I knew it was going to go. In the first scene SEBii is under a tree and finds a magical star that gives him powers. He is transferred into a video game-like world, this gave me a nostalgic trip. HIVEMIND went off with the 3d animation, I don’t know if a lot of you reading know how long it takes to render 3d animation – it takes hours on hours. They’re doing more than just making music videos, they’re making cartoons! Riley from HIVEMIND did a great job of illustrating and designing SEBii.

SEBii sings, “I fix it with C Sharp, you’re still using duct tape”. I was a bit puzzled when I heard him talking about C# in his lyrics. I have some basic knowledge of HTML and C Sharp, but I was like – how is this guy implementing a development software into his music? SEBii describes in a tweet what these lyrics mean, “C# is a coding language, the bar alludes to my comprehensive understanding of a complex programming language while suggesting that the other party here identified as “you” is most likely unable to fix things and resorts to using basic methods such as duct tape”. When I first read the title, I was curious as to why It was titled boner. SEBii sings, “I feel like I’m Smokepurpp ’cause I got a boner”. This line is coming from SmokePurpp’s notoriously bad freestyle in which he repeats the line “I got a mutherfuckin’ boner”. SEBii’s hyper pop sound and flow make him a super fun artist to vibe to. He is another artist that has been growing immensely with an internet cult fanbase.

You can watch “BONErr” below.

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