Demxntia Blesses us With the Deluxe Version 0f “bittersweet”

I remember listening to the original “bittersweet” and immediately craving more. The mix of post hardcore, pop punk, and math rock combined with Demxntia’s classically trained voice. Prayers were heard since now we’re getting an amazing deluxe re release of “bittersweet” with some amazing features and the some new fantastic riffs which immediately caught my ear. The deluxe release adds 8 new songs, 2 with features from SuiSai and Guardin and one song produced by the legendary Taylor Morgan. My favorite track so far has been detached bringing me back to my days of listening to Dance Gavin Dance sharing similar math rock vibes. If your a fan of early post hardcore, pop punk, and math rock you’re going to want to tune in to the “bittersweet (Deluxe)”, I can guarantee that you will have it on repeat.

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