Bktherula releases visuals to “GANGO” apart of her album “Nirvana”

I have been listening to Bktherula ever since she released “tweakin’ together”. Bk is changing the game, she has a “fuck you – watch what ima do” attitude. The way she carries herself with confidence and her aura is a big reason why people are gravitating toward her. I wasn’t a huge fan at the start, then I saw her performance to ‘LEFT RIGHT’ on YouTube. Bk is hyped up and vibing with everyone at the show. No drama, everyone there is smiling and you can feel the energy through the video. I got a serotonin rush watching the video and that’s all I needed to become a follower.

“GANGO” was released back in October on her album “Nirvana”, now featuring visuals that came out on 12/14/20. Even with the video being shot in a parking garage, the visuals are pulled off amazingly. She isn’t in a million-dollar studio and the production of the video is still great. Bk is performing in a distorted reality and her lyrics really portray what her mindset is in during the video. The glitching effects and transitions in the video help translate how you are supposed to feel listening to it. Bk is really on her grind and is on the path to becoming a billboard charts artist. Bk takes on a new sound that hasn’t been tapped into yet. Her creative sound and the grunge video style makes this a great watch. You can view “GANGO” below.

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