Guardin Explores the Duality of Success on Backup

Guardin made his grand entrance into the new year with his newest single “Backup.” The track is the second single from his long awaited project “Creature Pt II” the sequel to “Creature Part 1” and helps begin to paint a vivid picture of how that project will sound when it debuts on January 10.

Much like “Stupid” – the single that preceded it – this track similarly sets a dark, grim, and hopeless atmosphere with lyrics about not being enough.

To understand the further nuances of this track in particular, it is important to understand exactly where Guardin has been this past year. While he may have had his most successful year on paper, it brought a number of problems that are all hard enough to deal with on their own. Earlier this year, he discussed possibly retiring the Guardin brand — stating that he would no longer be creating music under that alias in a YouTube stream.

Already burdened with entitled fans of his music who took to stalking him and his family, his mother’s personal information being leaked onto the internet, which is an event he references in the song through such lyrics as “they wanna justify the creepin’ and leak my mom’s home address.”

The track’s instrumental lends itself perfectly to the subject matter it covers, as a slow acoustic guitar accompanies Guardin’s moody and pessimistic vocals. It genuinely feels like a glimpse into the darker thoughts that plague his head on a daily basis. 

Guardin continues to exemplify his artistic range and versatility in full with tracks like this. Even in his tumultuous personal life that unfortunately has proven to conflict with the art he so desires to make, he still is able to come through with some of the best singles compared to his contemporaries in his particular scene. It may just all come together for the inspirational talent once the entirety of his coming project Creature Part 2 sees the light of day.

Written by Nick Tahan

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