The Beauty of Guardin’s Creature Part 1

“It’s cold now I got no jacket, I left it beside my mattress, it’s dark out my visions static, I’m home all alone in the attic”

The opening lines to Guardin’s newest full-length offering Creature Part 1 tell you all you need to know about what is to come.

This project is about loneliness, depression, love, and uncertainty. It keeps these consistent themes throughout its 6 song, 16 minute runtime — featuring tracks ranging from upbeat pop, soft indie, and energetic trap. 

The project’s title track “Creature” is one of the EP’s most personal songs yet at the same time most relatable. 

“I’d rather sleep in than write all about how I’m depressed, how to get out. Cause I don’t know shit I said fuck it and made it work out, I’m a mess,” he says.

In some form or another this is a thought that has probably gone through the listener’s head, and Guardin perfectly translates its familiarity into a complete narrative.

The project continues with songs like “Deep End” and “I Wonder” — both of which continue to emphasise the feelings of love but in different ways respectively. 

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Guardin is someone you should be keeping an eye on in the coming years, and nearly all of the songs on this project prove this in full. 

Written by Nick Tahan

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