An Interview with Tino Szn

Tino Szn from the 704 with bangers OMG!, was literally the exact expression that came to my head as listening to this up and coming emerging talent from Gastonia/Charlotte NC. Pop and Hip-Hop being his major influences some of his notable inspirations include Travis Scott , Chief Keef , Billie Ellish , Lil Uzi Vert and Young Thug. Charlotte doesn’t have a lot to offer to the music scene for Hip-Hop in my opinion besides DaBaby and J Cole but Tino Szn for sure will be added to that list sooner then later for sure without a doubt in my mind. The driving force behind his strive for a flourishing music career is his early experiences / exposure to it , the lifestyle and the science behind making music drew him in so early in his life. 2018 is when he began his journey in creativity at the age of 14 he gained attention from his music and the rest is history he’s been experimenting ever since.

His family and peers were very hesitant to him pursuing music as a full time endeavor/occupation only because his sports background would open so many doors for him with just a snap of a finger. Sounds like any teengares parents when they dont abide by the general norm of what you should be seeking for your future nonetheless he continued on. They viewed his musical aspirations as a hobby in the early stages of things. But after a couple dollar signs started rolling in and the support from strangers struck they thought otherwise and chose to back him on his dreams. Which included allowances to support him getting his equipment and to invest in himself and his passion.

After talking to Tino Szn for a little bit I wanted to ask a really pivotal question that every label executive or A&R would ask ; “If I wanted to know exactly about you as an artist and what you’re all about , and what your sound is , what song would you tell me to listen to ?”. He gave me two options I listened to both but the song that stood out to me the most was “Machine” , it gave me a sound that I think a lot of artist are aiming for but when I was listening it felt effortless , it felt like he just did all of that in a freestyle in a one take fashion. Nothing forced at all and I believed it because after listening to the song he stated these words to me in a explanation to why that was the perfect song to showcase him as a artist ; “Machine pretty much depicts what I want from music and depicts the lifestyle that many people live in Gastonia / Charlotte NC and the elements that come with it in extreme cases explaining what a live fast die young lifestyle is.”. After that statement I knew this kid was the real deal and his mind was set on being a name in flashing lights and I’m here for it. Go check out Tino Szn right now!

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