Music Review / Tony Shhnow – 100 ROUNDS / ROLE MODEL

Ambience, aura, atmosphere is what comes to mind when you come across a creative like “Clams Casino”​ , so you except nothing less than a vibe every time you press play and his name is associated. An enigma that almost sets listeners into a trans , so I knew I was in for a treat just by the producer credits alone ; “​Tony Shhnow”​ added more fuel to the fire with a head knocking flow , but a subtle swag that added a certain accent that you could rock out too. But gave you a focusing energy to lock in full fledged to the song , infused with quotable lines , or I like caption based lyrics left me wanting to just play this out my window at any time of the day.

I instantly sent it to my best friend and he loved every minute of it , normally I don’t dive into a sound like this. But “​Tony Shhnow​” ​didn’t leave me hanging or disappointed at all from beginning to end , would love to see an entire ​“Tony Shhnow / Clams Casino + Tony Seltzer”​ mixtape or project , maybe even just a set compilation of random collaborations between them.

I would love any of the above , but to conclude this music review I give this song a 10 out of 10 across the boards this is definitely a song for late summer nights or early summer mornings whatever setting doesn’t matter it will hold a candle to the moment. ​Go listen to “100 ROUNDS / ROLE MODEL” by Tony Shhnow / produced by Clams Casino + Tony Seltzer out now.

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