Savage Ga$p Takes Over October With “The Long Halloween”

Savage Ga$p has never been one to shy away from halloween themed music, songs like “Pumpkins Scream in the Dead of Night” and “King of the Pumpkin Patch” on top of all the halloween tattoos he has around his body. It is no surprise that his debut album “The Long October” dropped in October and is Halloween themed. The 15 track album is a masterpiece filled with multiple genres, beat switches, features, and a remix. Being in the works for close to a year with some of the biggest names in the scene right now such as Glaive and David Shawty, we can see some of the influences on some songs yet Ga$p still manages to keep the classic pre TikTok sound he has which is great for new and old fans. The album as a whole has a lot to unpack and would be done no justice without a dull in depth review of each track.

The first track of the album is “shooting star, mt. silver” featuring lilbootycall, the track leads an airy R&B with a faster flow switching between Ga$p and lilbootycall and notably when the beat switches during the third verse.

The next track is “moshi moshi 2” the sequel to moshi moshi, one of his earlier songs. At first i was questioned how it was related to the first but immediately i was greeted with an 8 bit over synth and Ga$p’s old vocal technique and he even references writing the original both showing how he’s grown yet how talented and determined he was from the beginning.

“nitemare dance” is the next track and was one of the first tracks released off the album. this one is definitely a favorite of mine sporting Ga$p’s raspier vocals which pairs perfectly with the almost no melody beat and David Shawty’s verse. The video for this song also shows how much Ga$p has become comfortable in comparison with his earlier videos like NY. Doing the nightmare dance while shirtless and getting up close and personal with David Shawty are just a few examples. I will personally be Nitemare dancing in the mosh pit when they come back.

The next track is “flipphone” and is the perfect example of Ga$p’s newer pop vocals which blends perfectly with the producer genius Marvy Ayy. The beat is especially noticeable, reminding me of elevator music that I actually want to listen to. I also can appreciate how Ga$P skips a chorus in between the first and second verse and switches the flow from slower pop to faster rap.

Next is “the long halloween” which is easily the best R&B song in the scene currently and could be mistaken for a billboard top 100. Ellise is featured and starts of the song in almost an old telephone filter leading into Ga$p’s love ballot essentially. This is the song that you introduce your friends to Ga$p as well as to woo that person you’ve been into.

“im drunk and i miss you too” was the first track release of the album and cemented himself as an indie R&B artist on top of the multiple other vocal styles he can do. The original version was changed for the album but it still retains the chill vibes that it had.

My personal favorite track is “let me die” featuring Polearm my current favorite artist. This track is an important turning point on the album, Hyper pop is one of the dominating sub genres in the scene today and although not Ga$p’s first take on it I feel its his strongest, blending a higher pitch with guitar was a great move. As for Polearm’s verse, he destroyed it, coming in strong and brining in the energy forcing me to fist pump. This track will easily be on repeat for days to come.

The next track is “King of the fall freestyle” and shows just how hard Ga$p get murder a track. Being one of the rap heaviest tracks proves how versatile Ga$p can be all on one album and is not just an R&B, pop, or hyper pop artist. I will be waiting for for his freestyle for the next XXL freshman freestyle.

“the way u make me feel” is up next and is the most interesting track to me and is best broken up into 4 parts. The first is the soft and chill opening leading into a faster passed yet still soft and chill. Mid way through the track the tempo picks up and Ga$p starts to rap faster but still a chill vibe but almost till the end of the verse the beat changes and Ga$p shows how savage his flow can be.

Getting close to the end we have “boy, mt. silver (reprise)” a 2 part track and and the continuation from the first track on the album. The track starts off slow and with heavy indie pop inspiration with an electric guitar backing it. The second part of the track starts off with the crackle of a fire and a grand piano the transition to softer piano notes while Ga$p pulls on the listeners heart strings.

Taking an immediate 180 from the last track we have the remix of “pumpkins scream in the dead of night”. There isn’t much to say here, the instant classic returns but instead of Shinigami we see Freddie Dredd brining the same hardcore and hype aspect to the song as the original. Anyone fan of gasp can easily recognize this as the instant classic that blew Savage Ga$p up to TikTok stardom and later a legend in and out of the scene.

Finally we’ve made it to the last track “october’s lullaby”, the second hyper pop song on the list with the legendary Glaive. The perfect ending to a near perfect album filled with fast paced beats and high pitches with digital drum kits vibrating my entire house. With so many emotions and genres being placed on this album there is no better way to end it than a fun hyper pop ending

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