Dro Kenji Goes for Not One, Not Two, but “100 Rounds”

Dro Kenji is an upcoming Internet Money backed artist who holds much promise. Recently, he released his second single with Internet Money, 100 Rounds, exclusively on SoundCloud. Three different producers created the instrumental for this track, them being Nick Mira, OkTanner, and OVRCZ. Immediately I was struck with a style similar to PnB Rock’s, with Kenji’s voice fluctuating from deep to light in mere moments. However, the key difference between PnB Rock and Dro Kenji is that I find PnB Rock sometimes becoming too repetitive within his songs. This was an issue I did not find Kenji falling into. Rather, Kenji diversified, subtly switching his flows, cadences, and rhyme schemes, while maintaining a consistent sound throughout 100 Rounds. This was much appreciated and kept me on my toes throughout the song. While the mainstream world is new to the Dro Kenji sound, I am excited to see his career progress and flourish with the power of the Internet Money family behind him. Listen to 100 Rounds on SoundCloud by clicking here.

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