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SauceOnly, Promoting the Future of Music Today

If you haven’t heard of SauceOnly you must’ve heard their featured artists and there’s many of them. With over 12 million views with videos having hundreds of thousands of plays it impossible to say you haven’t seen a video. Going from 25k to near 100k subscribers in one year is no small feat but you might be asking how did they do this. Having a strong internet presence is one of the biggest assets to creator these days, Instagram has been a huge part of their growth and it shows with their growth from 1k to almost 50k in a year. Another factor to consider is their consistency, uploading daily videos as well as frequent updates to their playlist has definitely had an impact.

While its easy to look at the surface of SauceOnly they go way deeper than just lyrical videos. Their highest viewed video to date is one that they co released, on March 13th the lyrical video dropped for “Danger In Your eyes” by Preston Pablo and Zeegs and currently sitting at 820k streams. This solidified their worth, showing artists that they have a platform and a presence. breaking away from lyrical music videos we can see that the opportunity for some major promotions which is one of the most important things to an artist. With a steady growth of streams and plays a collaboration from any artist wold be worth it. Be sure to be on the look out for their first signed artist, with their status cemented in the scene its only a matter of time.

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