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Curtains and Smrtdeath Throw a Nightcore Party with Blink 1-16

Its no secret that Curtains is getting notoriety in the scene due to his consistent ability to create music that seems to be from the future. “Blink 1-16” seems to be just that, the five track EP featuring Smrtdeath is a the Nightcore solo dance party we all need while being restricted at home. This EP is fun, bubbly, and had me constantly looking forward to hear Smrtdeath count from 1 to 16 each time.

To start the conversation about this EP we need to talk about the amount of talent and dedication that Curtains has gotten to, stating on their Instagram and Twitter that in 2018 Smrtdeath signed a pair of shoes and they wouldn’t be purchasing another pair until he produced for Smrtdeath.

Its now 2020 and Blink 1-16 is probably the best take on Nightcore i’ve ever heard. Each track starts with Smrtdeath counting to 16 which if that isn’t enough to have the EP on repeat i’m not sure what is. Whether you’re a Curtains or Smrtdeath fan the two seem to have amazing chemistry when it comes to Nightcore. Smrtdeath seems to be perfectly pitched for each energy filled beat, some making me feel like i’m in a euro dance club such as the tracks “c u nvr” and “drugz“. Bringing me back to my days scowering Myspace looking for cool songs to put on my profile, this EP has a special place in my heart between spanning 2006 and 2060 and will for sure be on repeat and in all my dance and Nightcore playlist

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