SUSPIRIORUM, Original God’s Genre Blending Masterpiece

The genre-melding innovator Original God speaks on his musical process for Suspiriorum from choosing producers to integrating his love of film. With a name drawn from the Italian supernatural horror film Suspiria, one might know what to expect from the genre-blending Original God’s newest full length. The project is dark, disturbing, and at times difficult, but also shows itself as innovative, unique, and ridiculously infectious, with each track being a full fledged extension of the self proclaimed anime antagonist’s sound. Raspy rapping and vicious metalcore screeches and growls convene to channel the artist’s influences- both musically and in visual media. Anime references meld with personal angst and upset to tie an appropriate lyricism to the eclectic sounds that come together to establish something unique to music- and even new to Original God himself.


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