BIGBABYGUCCI Releases Blood on the Asphalt

3 days ago, BIGBABYGUCCI released his self-directed, accompanying video for his song, Blood on the Asphalt. On Blood on the Asphalt, he utilizes heavy autotune to add a sense of rawness to the already honest lyrics. Whether he looks up to these artists or not, you may be able to detect a sense of familiarity in his vocals if you listen to blackbear, SAINt JHN, or Flipp Dinero. Retro and trap themed production only add to the brutality of this song, and I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that anyone who’s grown up on the streets will be able to relate to some, if not all, of the song.

With the accompanying video, the story is only developed further. It begins with several cutscenes of a few dancers practicing in the darkness and smoke. Several still shots of blood are mixed in between occasionally. Following this introduction, you see him at a picnic table in a field, feasting at a banquet with what one might assume are his friends or family. There’s plenty of wine, animals around, and Popeyes. In between the feasting, BIGBABYGUCCI is shown in a field looking lost, as if he is searching for something beyond the bloody asphalt. 

In 5 days, the song has over 7,000 plays on SoundCloud and has been well received by his fans.

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