Gab3 Taps into his Electric Roots on ‘Tonight’

It’s no secret that Gab3 is a fundamental contributor to underground music culture. For those who don’t know, he was formerly known as the frontman of his four man act called UZi (yes you read that correctly, there were four of them. Here is proof: LA born star graced our timelines earlier this month with Tonight — which, to the new listener, would fall into the guise of Hyperpop, however, Gab3 has been mixing high tempo synth-driven melodies for years. As a close collaborator with Lil Peep, we saw a much more punk-centric side of Gab3 on EVERYBODY’S EVERYTHING. Gab3 is now making an effort to reinvigorate the electric roots he sprung from. Overly auto-tuned vocals and raspy deliverance of luxurious notions give me exactly what I would expect from a classic UZi song like Blue or Money. Gab3 announced his debut project titled Ready to Rave via Instagram on June 29th. It’s unclear when the project will be released, but when it does, we can expect an instant classic. 

Written by nic violets (@nicviolets)

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