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When news first came out about LOVEONLINE‘s solo project i had no clue what to expect and definitely not what we got with “LOVE YOURSELF AND LET OTHERS LOVE YOU“. An impressive performance boasting a completely different sound than what were used to. While we can all appreciate Mitch from Family Pet, LOVEONLINE ditches the alt rap for a more indie/ R&B sound with smoother vocals. although 5 track in length it packs as much content as possible with features such as Keshore, Roan, Krypto, and Shinigami.

His unbeatable flow matched with his voice and original beats really creates a unique sound, one that i can say would be hard for most artist to recreate. Taking on a much slower beat it sent me almost on a trance one to just vibe to. On the first 2 track we hear calming acoustic guitars overlapping the beat and seems perfect for a outing with friends and quite literally the track “ON THE BEACH AT NIGHT” is perfect for hanging with friends on the beach. The next 2 tracks take on a vintage lofi piano and beat that wouldn’t be misplaced in “chill beats to study to” and provide a nice arch for the EP. The last track separates itself from the rest of the EP, starting off with a vintage sounding flute and being to most rap heavy song while also incorporating smother vocals and ending with shinigami, a perfect ending to a near perfect EP. this is one that will be on repeat for a long time although short it has amazing replay value and is perfect for any occasion whether hanging out with friends or just laying down at home.

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