645AR – Sum Bout U ft. FKA twigs [ Music Video Review ]

645AR – Sum Bout U ft. FKA twigs [ Music Video Review ]

A vibrant but very relevant concept in this day and age for your entrepreneurs and millennials.

onlycamzzz.com spin off or parody to onlyfans.com that we all know and love to check out here and there or maybe I’m just speaking for myself.

But back to the video overall I loved the editing and the video chat like effects placed on it , especially in the era of social distancing craze because of COVID-19 is perfect.

Done so effortlessly FKA twigs with the seductive dances and outfits but still the playful aspect is including with her various cartoonish like costumes just lets you know she loved every minute of shooting this video. The vibes on this video are through the roof it paints the picture of a hopeless romantic nerd who sits at his computer all day fantasizing about a girl on a  computer screen so easily relatable for any guy to be honest , all been there done that. The modern day love story / love ballad 645AR gave the alley oop on this one and FKA twigs was the perfect fit for this song hands down , I’m gonna have this line stuck in my head all day “there’s something bout you”. Huge props to the editor on this one the effects lead me into a paranormal activity setting with the night vision set up to a kinky porno mood type film it did everything and more for me as a viewer. Nostalgia is a important part of hip hop music as a culture and I love to see when artists play into that realm of the art because it brings a different element to the sound , the song and the video. Great Job !

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