Experience all the Flavors on $ODAMAN’s SODA CITY

$ODAMAN is ready to make a splash with his first full length tape titled Soda City. The Atlanta bred rapper has been at it for nearly 3 years. He told me that he’s always wanted to take it seriously, but didn’t really commit to his craft until early 2017. 

Soda City, which sits at just under 35 minutes, is a valiant effort to showcase the many styles of $ODAMAN. Speaking to the artist unveiled his 3 biggest musical influences; Nudy, Fauni, and Key! I can definitely hear these staples impacting $ODA’s sound, however, he’s still able to provide a refreshing twist and incorporate his own vocal elements. 

On tracks like CNN and On The Way, we’re given a taste of vibrant production and addictively melancholic delivery. These songs remind me of SoundCloud’s golden era in a way that still reaches for innovation. Other songs like Lifestyle tap into the melodic edge and provide more insight into what $ODA is sonically capable of. My personal favorite has to be the electric, hype inducing Braveheart which features MDMA. 

In all, this project is a great introduction into $ODAMAN’s catalog and what he has to offer. I can definitely recognize the extreme level of potential and professionalism that each record displays. Crack open your favorite can and enjoy the added flavor of Soda City. 

Written by Nic Violets

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