Curtains, Creating the Future of Music Today

If You’re a fan of names such as Shinigami, Convolk, and Capoxxo then you must’ve seen Prod. Curtains. The Toronto based producer has been making major hits and only seems to be growing by the day racking in thousands of plays per song. I recently got to interview Curtains and got a lot of insight into who he is as an artist and as a producer, all done while he was at the mall.

Curtains started playing music at a young age playing the piano and learning music theory, only starting to produce at the age of 17 while taking a class in high school which he caught onto pretty quickly. With a decent amount of knowledge producing came naturally to him. Curtains started with emo and pop punk trap beats such as VAMPIRE! with Nasty Noona but has recently been doubling down on the “digi” type of sound that can be heard on Sonic Riders with Shinigami. This experiment has caught on well both adapting to whats popular while also working with what Curtains wants. While being inspired by people like Yung Gud and Mexikodro i think what really sets his music apart from other is how he also pulls inspiration from other media such as video games, people, and experiences. his music is his own and we can see with his streams and especially his collaborations.

Curtains has been very vocal on his social media about how he has grown as a producer and how hes gotten to where he is today. It all started with producing for his friends in high school and as he became a bigger name he started working with bigger names. One notable person was Shinigami, As one of my favorite artist I was interested in how they started working together. In true Digital age fashion the Curtains and Shinigami collaboration came from a simple tag on twitter and since the duo have created some of the best music I’ve heard from both artist.

Overall i’m extremely excited to see what Curtains has planned next, both with music music but also DJing when venues reopen. On top of producing he is also a DJ playing live as well as discord fests during quarantine and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him as the DJ for a tour or the headliner at a rave. The energy in his music is electric and whenever Curtains is on the beat you know the song is going to be one to get hype with your friends.

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