Baddest Human / Music Review

Electrifying and bass knocking is honestly the best way to describe this LP put together by Surf titled “Baddest Human” the third installment to his series of projects , I hadn’t been in tune to the other two as much as this one and I know I’m late to party but I’m glad I got here nonetheless. From start to finish had me on the edge of my seat from melodic to straight just head thumping through the speakers of my car. Starting off the project off with “Never Scared” was grounded and perfect intro to the LP leading into the in-between tracks like “How to Pray” let me into the sub conscience of Surf rather then just the surface level music that’s provided day to day from other artist in his genre ; produced by lankon , this track was honestly the pivotal point for me as I was listening to it almost like the climax for me.

Industry definitely needs to keep an eye out for sure for Surf , as this project ages it will definitely make waves in the music world ( no pun intended ). From engineering to creativity to production on the beats ; this project sets a tone for Surf as a an artist I only expect the best from him from this point on when it comes to his future releases. I’m definitely going to back track into his previous releases just to capture the progress that has been made to reach this point in his career. He is an evolving artist right before our eyes , the voice note of his mother’s voicemail message that she left for him on his self produced track “Me” , provided reflection but still in a boastful manner / fashion and it wasn’t to be cocky it was just to be transparent to his listeners / fans. Overall “Baddest Human” was a great listen and I definitely will be sharing this with friends , “Surf” if your reading this keep up the good work and down stop being great.

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