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If I Die First Brings Alt Rap back to its Roots with MY POISON ARMS

If I Die First is the collaborative project between some of the biggest names in the alternative rap scene including Lil Lotus, Zubin, and Nedarb and completing the lineup with Ghostemane’s bassist Nolan Nunes and drummer Cayle Sain and emo heavy weight Travis Richter from the band From First to Last. Their first single “Where Needles and Lovers Collide” was well received amongst fans of both the rap and emo communities showing how promising the band was. On July 8th we got the music video which shows the chemistry and energy between the band and set the stage for their first EP.

The EP “My Poison Arms” itself was amazing, bringing a nostalgic feeling back when I was in high school with Lotus and Zubin’s vocals being comparable to that of Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce the Veil. The First track “No Serenity” is a complete 360 from the first single, being a heavier djent oriented track we are introduced with Lotus’ harder vocals and then immediately transferring to the first single seamlessly. The third track “Is It Me or Your Secrets That Keep You Up at Night” starts off with Zubin’s angelic vocals and is an emotional roadshow throughout with a mix of Lotus’ screams and Nedarb’s melodic chorus’, and one of my favorite parts of the album the breakdown which features Travis Richter and Lotus sharing heavier vocals while Zubin takes the background vocals. Next we have “Burying a Parent” which has notes of fun pop punk and post hardcore yet conveys possibly the saddest message of the album and in such a traumatic time due to COVID-19 many people are left relating to the track more than they should. Although a sadder track its my favorite off the album with lLotus switching between his trademark whinier voice, screaming, and a soft melodic vocal style. Transitioning into a lighter note “Six Foot Dug Out Holes” wouldn’t be misplaced on a Pierce the Veil album with its happier sound and especially the ending which sees the whole band sharing the outro. This is the song that I would recommend to ease people into the band, its a fun song to go on a drive to and brings back the memories from high school of trying to get my friends into pop punk. The last track “I’ll Never Let Them Hurt You” is the perfect way to close off the album, the full acoustic song sees minimal heavy backing vocals and lets Zubin and Lotus share their softer vocals take over with the acoustic guitar and piano backing them throughout the track. you can hear the emotion in their voices gripping you until it just abruptly ends but in no way does it seem out of place.

Over all the EP was great taking strengths from all the artist individually and mashing them up together. Just as the title states it sees natural for the band as most of their solo projects are based off of music like this. With a full album set to drop in 2021 and nothing but time I cant wait to see what the band has to offer. “My Poison Arms” sets the bar high and I know many people are already anticipating the next release.

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