From NeilaWorld, With Love / Music Review

A 5 song project jam packed with a bunch of ups and down , ground breaking production with artistry that is unmatched right now in the music world. “From NeilaWorld, With Love” , the name just sets the tone for it all after listening to it and sitting down with the group and discussing the name , their favorite songs and how the project came to be it did nothing but leave me wanting more. But the creator and producer FBK assured me that this is just the beginning for the group and that world domination is in their sights.

As far as the inspirational side of things go , the collective made it clear that they don’t aspire or attempt to sound like any other group or artist , 808 Mafia a stepping for sure but not an inspiration they more so just enjoy the music he’s played a part in. Their main objective is to put out great music with their own touch on it something that people haven’t seen in the music scene. Transitions throughout the project were perfect each song ended and led into the next seamlessly , almost on some mind bending effects to be honest whole project left me in a trance from start to finish.

I spoke to the group before listening to the project they honestly said they enjoyed the entire project , stating every song has its own world / space. FBK said the project goes crazy and is so well versed , before this they had dropped one EP that they made in one night and he stated this project is harder then that. During quarantine they were unable to be in the studio together , so most of the songs were discussed and created over FaceTime and group chats and this project doesn’t even contain the whole collective. They said to me if all of them were on it , it would be overwhelming and too much great music to handle at one time.

A deluxe is definitely coming sooner then later , they made that very clear to me as we discussed the project , my personal favorite is “American Dad” , but from Track 1 to 5 I could play straight through no stops definitely let me into their creative mindset and what they are trying to accomplish as young creatives in a thriving world of new music always popping up. For me this project definitely stamped them in my book as “UP NEXT” and the world should pay close attentions to this group and their next moves.

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