FadedBlacKid releases his producer tape, “Life Upside Down!”

FadedBlacKid releases his new ep, "Life Upside Down!"

Neilaworld’s Fadedblackid released his EP “Life Upside Down!” and it showcases his talent as a diverse producer. The four track EP was released around a month ago and features names such as Kevin Kazi and Mixed Matches (both being Neila World member), David Shawty, Lil Turbo, and Yurms. Each track feels unique whether it be light and airy or heavy hitting with quaking 808s. The whole experience of this EP left me wanting more, a full EP for each style of each track could be made and I’m excited to see whats next for FadedBlacKid.

The first track is “Portal” featuring David Shawty. It is a light flowing track reminiscent of Swedish rapper Bladee in both vocals and instrumentals. The track starts off with a synth sounding wind chimes, then blending heavy hitting 808s with David Shawty’s auto tune laced vocals. The song plays out like a hit Bladee or Yung lean song with free-flowing vocals and atmospheric instrumentals.

The second track “Jigsaw” features Kevin Kazi and Lil Turbo and is comparable to FBK’s earlier work. Kazi’s vocals open the track and transition the tape to almost punk type with screams in the chorus and his verse. Lil Turbos verse comes in next giving the same energy as Kazi did. Although less aggressive, Turbo’s verse delivers the same impact. This track is perfect to start a pit at any show or hype up any moment.

Neiman is the next track featuring Yurms and is a combination of the first two songs. Sharing auto tuned airy vocals and melody but with the same hard hitting 808s. Yurms flow and voice is comparable to the London rapper, Bexey and paired with FBK’s production it creates an atmospheric song perfect to chill to.

Lil Turbo is back on the next track “Killswitch 5” and brings the same energy as Jigsaw. It has heavy hitting 808s and high energy fast bars. On certain parts of the track there’s a barely audible metal vocal which I feel like is a great marker for what the track is; another pit starting banger. Turbo has definitely shown some of his best flow and paired with FBK its shows how diverse he can be on just one EP.

“Attention” is the outro to the EP and there couldn’t be a better fitting outro. Mixed Matches mumbles high pitched vocals which are a soothing finish. The track is perfect to close out a EP or to lay down looking at the sky. FBK is a dope producer who put together a great tape. Shout out to him and everyone else involved in creating this work.

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