Corporate Lingo just released his video for, “ALL DAY”

Lingo has been very forward about his double life he lives. The balance of a professional business career, while being a rising star in the Underground music scene is a pattern many people find their position in life there. It is a lot of mixed emotions and they were portrayed directly in this video. Corporate Lingo explained:

“I think the video really shows the blurred lines between the two lives I’m living, my professional career and artist life.” Lingo said, and continued, “I deadass would fall asleep at work when I started for staying up too late in the studio and it’s been an actual process for me to balance the two, I think this video definitely highlights that very real journey for me”

The video was shot by JZNT and he portrayed the exact message Lingo wanted to lay out. Shout out to him and the producer Yung Zoot who worked hard with Corporate Lingo to get the video and song to its platinum status.

Artists who have other messages going on in their music always seem to gravitate to developing powerful fanbases. Corporate Lingo is on this direct path so if you want a passionate artist to follow definitely check him out and his video, “ALL DAY”.

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