909Memphis returns with, “What the Fuck is Life Without a Little Bit of Faith”

909Memphis released a new song.

After releasing two projects in 2019, Memphis dropped even more music for the fans. The single, “What the Fuck is Life Without a Little Bit of Faith” is both a mouthful and a perfect title. Memphy always has bars on bars and that continues on his new track.

The song is a slow jam where Memphis shows off his vocal range. His voice has the ability to fly all over the board. This track gave him a canvas to paint his forever moving voice.

Taylor Dank produced the guitar beat for Memphis. The song, however, is not your typical guitar beat. The slow paced song has spacey drums with some other great percussion work. The listener can tell he worked hard on the beat and the production work. 

Memphis ends the track with a few lines of him talking to the listener. His inspirational words are definitely meant to motivate his fans to achieving their goals. “Keep Working”. Great way to leave it Memphy and thanks for the words of encouragement. Check out the track below and show him some support:


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