Vision4k releases his highly anticipated album Recluse, and it's a masterpiece

Album: Recluse

Artist: Vision4k

Features: Fifty Grand

Producers: Wildcard, Vision4k, Iankon, Lukrative, and Ginseng

Mixed and Mastered: GP and Vision4k

After a rather lenghty creative process and what seemed like countless delays on the anticipated Recluse album from the underground’s own, self-titled clown Vision4k. With a title such as “Recluse,” the expectation to have an album from solely Vision4k was broken with the addition of Fifty Grand on the second track All My Life, which is one of the best songs on the entire album.

What I find the most compelling about 4k’s music is his ability to stay true to his roots in terms of his style that he has perfected over the years, while at the same time seeking new and exciting sounds to incorportate in terms of production choices. Produced by Wildcard, the song Wasted has a sort of dark euphoria about it that reflect his nostalgic sentiments about the highs that drugs can provide. When I hear this song in the context of the album, it seems that Vision4k utilizes the production to highlight some of the negative situations and mental spaces that drug consumption and abuse can leave you. Even though exciting at first, the consequences can be drastic later.

With the arrival of the final album, we can now listen to singles such as Puppet and Picking Scars, with the context of the whole album. Those two songs in particular take on some new meanings when played with the entire project. Mixed in with some new hits like All My Life, Dead or Alive, and Bad, we get to experience sides and emotions that we haven’t gotten to see from Vision4k prior.

Goodbye, Goodnight adds an incredible new layer to Vision4k’s sound overall. The production on this track is both minimalistic, however perfectly complex. This is another great track that serves as a highlight to his ability to seek out new sounds to master his deliveries to spread his unique style.

Giving us a fantastic body of work that was well worth the wait, Recluse by Vision4k is a masterpiece and it definitely merits your attention as he is able to add something different to the underground. Be sure to check out this album, out now, available everywhere.

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