Convolk releases new visuals for “Deathwish”

Convolk recently released the song titled “Deathwish”, along with a video on his Youtube Channel. The song has a pretty simple beat, but contains powerful lyrics. Convolk speaks from the heart on the chorus, “Yeah I stay true I ain’t never switched up, and I hate you actin like a bitch yuh.” The passionate words bring the simple sad guitar beat to the next level. The producer, Anvil, gave the artist the perfect amount of space on the beat, allowing Convolk to explain the story of the song. The pair did some great work putting the sounds together and fitting them perfectly in sync.

The video was shot by NewEnglandBoy and he had a great vision for the “Deathwish” visuals, using a VHS frame edit throughout. NewEnglandBoy was so creative with his use of colors throughout the video. He made the plain shots duller and brought out gorgeous, bright colors from the many nature shots, including the purple and yellow flowers. There are also some great shots at the beach in which NewEnglandBoy makes the ocean looks as blue as a clear sky. The video incorporates lots of other artistic shots including an ugly sculpture of the girl Convolk seems to be speaking about.

This video’s creativity speaks for itself, as a Convolk piece usually does. Incredible work from him, the director, and anyone else involved with the song or shoot. NewEnglandBoy has a long time future as a videographer and I am happy he got together with Convolk to put this piece of art together.

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