Camden, New Jersey's own Mir Fontane releases new project Who’s Watching the Kids 2

Mir Fontane, a 25-year-old rapper from Camden, New Jersey, dropped ‘Who’s Watching the Kids 2’ (WWTK2) on May 10th. This is the sequel to his 2016 album, ‘Who’s Watching the Kids”. The album is comprised of eleven songs and it includes features from DaBaby and Shawn Smith. The standout tracks of the album are “On Mommy”, “Ben Simmons”, and “All Eyez On Me.” WWTK2 offers catchy, trap-inspired tracks that offer a discussion of societal problems at the same time.

Many of the songs discuss the killings of young kids and the failure of our society to prevent these deaths. The album begins with “Intro”, which is a discussion between two police officers. The officers discuss the deaths of two young, Black kids and the conversation concludes with one of the officers saying, “Who’s watching the kids?” This sets the tone for the rest of the album. The project is particularly unique and refreshing because a hip-hop artist offers a commentary on societal flaws. Mir Fontane’s choice to offer a social commentary differentiates himself from most of the mainstream artists that exist in the hip-hop space today.

Photo via @uhh.raw

Mir Fontane dropped a music video for his song, On Mommy, on the day of the album release, as well. As of writing, the video has accrued several thousand views on YouTube. The video features Fontane, as well as two young children, who we assume are siblings. Moreover, this music video provides a compelling visual to a powerful song. “In Memory of Sincere Howard and Shirleen Caban and to all others who have been lost to senseless violence,” is the closing of the music video. Unlike most other artists, Mir Fontane forces listeners to truly ponder over society’s flaws and empowers them to change our world for the better.

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