Club18’s Pulp Finish absolutely destroyed the BITCOIN A$$A$$IN produced Track, ‘WENDI.GO’

Photo via @1.txli

Pulp Finish has experimented with many sounds from softer LoFi to hardcore, in-your-face rap. On ‘WENDI.GO’ he dives deep into his latest style of going as hard as possible. The track begins with an eerie intro that is filled with what sounds like someone getting eaten alive. Pulp Finish quickly comes in and makes it clear he isn’t playing. Prior to hearing this song I had no clue what a Wendigo was but after a quick Google search I found that it is a mythical man-eating creature or evil spirit native to the northern forests of the Atlantic Coast and Great Lakes Region of the United States. That is a very fitting title for Pulp Finish’s hardcore sound that leaves me feeling ready to fight someone for no reason. This is just one of the many songs that Pulp destroys, be sure to check him out on Soundcloud.

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