Camden-based rapper Mir Fontane releases new visuals for Bodega

Camden-based rapper Mir Fontane releases visuals for Bodega from his 2018 album Marconi Tony. With Kelsey Davis-directed Next music video releasing on July 22, this makes the third visual from Fontane for the project.

The Sage English visual begins with a clean, classic black car with four people inside: Fontane, fellow NJ rapper Ish Williams, and presumably two close friends. Rapping before a seemingly local “bodega,” he and his crew are comfortable in the block they grew up in. Despite new circumstances for his team as they experience the come up together, they are still the same kids at heart.

Courtesy of @wurdlife

Flashing back and forth between the four riding in a black Nissan Altima and that clean, classic car from the opening cut, it displays the difference in their lives from back then and now. Leading up to the climax of the visual, two people in Luigi masks walking into the store they are in and murdering the crew. Cut to them riding in the drop top, although the group is noticeably sad.

Perhaps they are metaphorically visualizing the death of their “old lives,” portrayed via a story line that is far too common in the Camden, NJ area. They are riding in the drop top “outside the Bodega,” however the group appears to be sad because they are leaving a lot of things behind as they go and pursue their futures.

The visuals and direction from Sage English are put on full display in this project, it perfectly mirrors the mood of the song.

Mir Fontane has been creating a wave from Camden, NJ for a while now and he is leading the path for other artists to do the same. Receiving a XXL freshman pitch this past year and currently riding the wave after his newest album, I am excited to see where Mir Fontane’s career takes him.

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