Memphis-based rapper Idontknowjeffery releases new music with The Jeffery EP VI

Courtesy of Out Here Visuals

Opening his newest release, The Jeffery EP VI, the intro has Satan doing a sort of roll call that ultimately ends with Jeffery Harper. After several attempts of calling his name with no response, Memphis-based rapper Idontknowjeffery slides into the first song on the sixth instillment of his EP series, Dead & Gone. Mirroring the dark and eerie vibe provided my the ominous intro, he raps over a relatively minimalistic instrumental.

Shining light into the pimping game that goes on behind the scenes, he constantly raps about stacking his bread. A lyricist with the most ignorant lyrics, his lyrics seem to be almost too outrageous. Discussing pimping out girls for financial gain, it seems to be a common source of inspiration for the Memphis rapper. On the song Cathouse he spits:

“I ain’t going broke.

If I go broke, I’ma sell the hoe.

How you make her do that? What you tell the hoe?

I told that hoe to know her mother fucking roll

Now she sold”

Raw lyrics and savage bars without a filter is what Idontknowjeffery is all about. Nothing is off the table when it comes to his words and topics of conversation when in the studio.

Financial Aid ( Official Video )

June 28th, one of my favorite tracks on the project, puts his lyrical ability on full display. The 2 minute and 45 second cut is just straight bars for the entire thing.

“I’m a germaphobe,

With a common cold and a runny nose.

I ain’t make XXL or the honor roll, nigga warn the hoes.

Cause Doc Jeff walked in this bitch get diagnosed,

here try a dose.”

Rapping with a monotone flow that hits listeners right in the chest while the content of his lyrics exudes his normal “don’t give a fuck” attitude. Saying things that other rappers can’t say or don’t know how to say, every bar that he spits is unique and original.

“I’m the most retarded

starving artist,

hit the blunt the hardest.”

Courtesy of Out Here Visuals

Jeffery has created a world inside of his music in which he is destined for hell and he couldn’t care less. Insisting that “God sent [him] to hell and [he] ain’t even show up.” Sliding into into the Outro VI track, is rapping from that very perspective to tell his story. Repeating the hook on the song:

“I know I’m going to hell, hell yeah I’m going to hell”

he seems to have accepted his dark fate and is more than okay with it. With a “why miss heaven by two inches?” type of mentality, he creates his art and lives his life. Not caring who he might offend or piss off, he presents his music in the most sincere and often vulgar way which ultimately is what is alluring about his music.

When I listen to Idontknowjeffery’s music, I hear a sense of novelty and while it is fairly vulgar, it seems like a breath of fresh air. Even though the topics that he raps about aren’t the most wholesome of topics, it is still very fresh and different from his contemporaries. Be on the lookout for new music and new visuals coming very soon from the Memphis rapper.

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