Collingswood's own Ish Williams releases Too Much single

Fresh off of his Ice Cream Man single, New Jersey-based rapper Ish Williams is back with another new release with Too Much. Rapping over a spacey instrumental and contemplating his current situation.

“Say I smoke too much,

Well I feel low too much.

I can’t trust too much,

Cause niggas switch too much”

With his newest release, he touches on his innermost thoughts and expresses them through the booth. Never shying away from his emotions, he says a lot of things that other rappers can’t or won’t say. This aspect about Williams is something that sets him apart from his peers as he allows his listeners to truly feel his pains.

Courtesy of Guru Steeze

Very outspoken on heavy topics such as depression and mental health, all of his music is meant to help or to heal the pains of his audience and his fans. Giving us another great addition to his musical library, Too Much keeps listeners wanting more from the Jersey boy.

Stay tuned for much more from the kid and be on the look out for his newest music!

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