Manny Sosa links with fellow AZ-based rapper Lil Summer for new cut "all on my phone"

Manny Sosa

Connecting with his good friend lil summer, Arizona-based rapper Manny Sosa is back with a brand new track titled all on my phone. Fresh off of his Cottonwood Lane video release, he floods the streets with a fresh new track. Choosing to rap over a Samsung Sosa beat, the bass smack listeners in the face as the savage bars draw you into the energy of the track immediately.

Something that is becoming a fantastic characteristic for lil summer releases and features is the distorted intro before cutting the beat and then really coming in with the heat. At this point it is really something that allows listeners to be able to identify him as an artist when you hear his music. But to me it was Manny Sosa who truly shined on this cut.

“I fell in love with the drugs and the jewelry,

I fell in love with the cream”

After Sosa ignites the verse, lil summer comes back with his signature deep voice and catchy hooks. Ultimately creating for a great vibe overall, the two truly have a great chemistry together in the studio. Often spending long hours in the recording studio working, they even set up beds in the spot to maximize productivity.

lil summer

Clearly on their grind, be on the look out for more material dropping very soon from both Arizona rappers. They are certainly just getting started with this new energy that they have had over the past few months and I am excited to see how they progress going forward.

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