JidScan's new mindset embodies the idea of transformation

Up-and-coming 27-year-old artist JidScan is from Franklin Twp, NJ and has been writing music and poetry since he was an 8-year-old kid. His cousin was always listening to hip-hop and soon he began picking out sounds he liked, started writing his own rhymes, and eventually moved on to making songs and producing beats. Remaining a strong component of his life throughout the years he began to record and release his own music around 2016.

When we asked about which genre he categorizes himself in, JidScan says “I’m a rapper’s rapper first, I love the art and writing aspect of good rap music. Painting pictures, having fun with it, but also being able to bring it back to something profound that someone can really take with them is what I love about it.” You can understand why he’s been compared to the likes of Kendrick, Drake, Cole, Big Sean, and more and he takes it complimentary. His music is versatile and self expressive and you can clearly tell he has a strong passion for it. Nowhere near his peak you can hear JidScan on anywhere from a traditional old school beat to a EDM or alternative beat, this artist is always ready to push his limits and get out of his comfort zone.

When asked about his inspirations JidScan replied,

“Jay, Ice Cube, Joe Budden, Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick, Drake, Kanye, Billy Joel, Frank Ocean, Wiz Khalifa, Jadakiss, The Dream, The Weeknd, Cam’ron, Eminem, Pac, Biggie, Cole, I can go on for years with that.”

A long list of prominent names in the industry, the young artist strives to create timeless music rather than adhering to the trends. He always has underlying messages behind his lyrics and delivers what you want, satisfying the taste buds of any music lover. You should check out JidScan if your looking to develop interest in a truly dedicated artist who is constantly working to create and build up a quality catalog of music. Another thing about this young man’s music is how personal it is, you can really get to know him through listening to it. “I want to be great, man. I want to take this shit as far as it can possibly go.” He is truly as ambitious as they come and aims to, at minimum, have at-least one classic album and one platinum album.

JidScan has had this go-getter attitude since a young kid, determined to never let anything stop him from getting what he wants. Was he born with a mindset like this or did it develop through the years of coming up not having much, except for his mother who is everything to him. We may never know, but the most important thing is that he is now in pursuit of everything he can shoot for and nothing is going to stop him. Growing up the young rapper also noticed there was no lack of talent in his hometown, with regards to the diversity of artists.

“It’s just like anywhere else where you’ll have some good and some bad, but I loved it though because it’s the reason I’m not uncomfortable around people from different walks of life.”

One of those artists, Jidscan quickly earned a reputation for himself and his music. “I would do battles and everything, but I was always more interested in the songwriting aspect of things.”

The NJ rapper sees the limitless possibilities of the world, and the fact that you can attain anything you imagine by hard work and dedication. He makes his moves as efficiently and consistently as possible, leaving no room for mistakes.“I’m a dog when it comes to getting things done. I scare myself sometimes. Once I know something is possible, that’s it. It’s only a matter of know how and willingness to work for it before it’s yours. If you put your head to it, you can get to it. Plain and simple.”

Jidscan’s music is inspired by life and everything he experiences. “Some of the most bar driven songs were the easiest to write because them words flowed like blood from a vain.” He also has that imaginative and creative edge to his approach, pushing his boundaries to create a different sound. “One thing that’s unmatched is when the you hear a beat, no words or anything, but it just speaks to you.”

Watch out for JidScan in the future, currently working on a new project, tentatively called Animal, with an underlying concept involving the transformation of a person we know in our lives, its bound to be a dope one. Expect it to me mostly rap, with production varying from trap to jazz and more. “Different flows, storytelling, just want to make a complete body of work that showcases my skill set.” Also look out for merchandise coming from the artist in the near future. Be sure to tune into upcoming NJ artists, JidScan and watch as he climbs the ladder to success.

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