Arizona rapper emotionull releases joint project with Kizzeret, "Desert Dwellers

Phoenix, AZ-based rapper emotionull recently linked with producer Kizzeret to release their new joint project titled Desert Dwellwers. Although only three tracks long, the flow and energy of the entire project speaks volumes about the talent of the pair. Starting with an instant banger on Dial Tone (prod. Kizzeret), emotionull spits over a perfectly distorted bass that slaps listeners right in the face.

“Miss me with that dial tone,

hit my phone.

Miss me when I’m home,

Hundred girls on my phone,

Don’t need it, so alone”

The spacey instrumental compliments emotionull’s flow absolutely perfectly throughout the opening track and really captures the listener’s attention. Picking up a production assist from FXLLEN on the second song of the EP titled Beings, Kizzeret ignites the studio once again with that bass that knocks against the speakers. Adding intensity to the messages that emotionull is conveying, the production amplifies the entire project.

The last track titled Free, however, is the track that really concludes the EP in a powerful way. Created in a car in a Walmart parking lot at 3:00am, emotionull is clearly not afraid to create where and whenever he feels inspiration strike. Rapping over a beautiful, melodic instrumental, emotionull displays a more vulnerable side of him. Longing for true love that was lost, he raps about the lifestyle that he has adopted after that loss.

“I smoke big blunts,

Don’t give no fucks.

Smoking a bunch,

We laugh, we fun”

Potentially talking about his issues with self-medication to heal a broken heart, he presents himself as relatable to so many people that are going through the exact same things. Purposefully choosing to rap over this slow, incredibly euphoric beat, it almost seems like he is lost in the high after heartbreak. Pouring his soul into this track, he portrayed his message perfectly.

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