Arizona rapper Manny Sosa releases wavy new visuals for Cottonwood Lane

With a string of new music coming from the Arizona rapper Manny Sosa, including bangers with fellow artist from the AZ, lil summer, he is certainly in his bag for the foreseeable future. Switching up his mentality and energy with the new music that he has been putting out, he is putting an increased emphasis of creating timeless music that is true to himself. Rapping about his come up and fiending for bands in his hands, Sosa spits over a hypnotic instrumental and draws you into the song from the very first word of the track.

Beginning his musical journey with writing poetry when he was just 11 or 12, the now 21-year-old rapper has been working to perfect his craft. Looking up to and inspired by some of greats like Lil Wayne, Gucci, and Biggie, he saw what they were doing and always believed that he could do it, too. Coming from Tucson, AZ, “one of the gateways for drugs to come into the US,” you have to do “what you gotta do to make money out there.” While coming from and feeling comfortable in the hood, he aims to give the youth something else to idolize.

“I mean, keep the positive things like that hustle, brotherhood, and the death before dishonor mentality, but put it towards something positive. Something you can build and spread because there’s enough hate, man. I just want love around me.”

Directed by YungMacFilms, the video shows Manny rapping and trapping in front of what I assume to be his home on Cottonwood Lane. With backwoods in rotation and chains swinging, he and the homies kick it at the spot before switching up scenes. Laying on a clean red whip, he continues his verse while the car drives. Put together perfectly with cartoon edits thrown in for good measure, YungMacFilms finessed this video incredibly. Creating a truly mesmerizing video that matches the mood of the track is key when making visuals and the pair absolutely nailed it.

Currently in grind mode, he is busy exploring different sounds and energies when making music. Not afraid to experiment on a track, he is able to make anything from upbeat bangers that will get a crowd live or even sad tracks that will put you in your feels. Be on the lookout for new music coming from Arizona, Manny Sosa and a lot of other underground rappers are on a wave. With the heat that is coming from Manny Sosa’s studio, I won’t be surprised at all if his name starts to pop up everywhere. Whatever you do, don’t sleep on Manny Sosa, he truly has something to prove every time he releases a new song.

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