Catching up with 18-year-old mogul Yan Gorshtenin

Music marketing mogul, self-taught producer, and a true one-stop shop for anything one might need in regards to music, Yan Gorshtenin spoke with us about his successful journey in the industry. Currently 18, he has developed several different brands that have made huge waves in the industry. Growing up in LA, he was forced to hustle from a young age and he has truly found his niche.

David: Tell me about how you started your entrepreneurial journey?

Yan: As corny as it sounds, I started being an entrepreneur in my parents townhome garage, I started one of my media platforms, Netlodge when I was 14 and I knew it was something I was passionate about; I was helping startups and entrepreneurs grow on our platform. I was bussing Ubers when I was 14, all paid for and telling drivers about my business and got them interested and actually got an investor from that.

I got expelled from my highschool due to personal issues, and Football and Track were going well for me, until that; I had to turn to being self employed and started hustling.

David: What drives you and motivates your success?

I always tell myself, that I was born to do one thing and it’s helping people change their lives and get somewhere in life. What drives me is actually doing something meaningful in my life and putting food on the table. As Pac said, “I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.” I believe that we are all worth same in our grave no matter what cars we have and horses, it’s about changing the world around you.

David: Tell us a little bit about Scraper Records

Yan: It’s funny actually, Scraper Records was founded when I started producing again, I was working with big time artists and in the studio nearly 5 days a week. The label name came from my Instagram, S.CRAPER, why? I named it Scraper Records because the Scraper stands for “Sky Scraper” where it stands so tall, where you look up to it and want to have a Skyscraper one day to fulfill your dreams. I started the label in 2017, and brought one of my close friends Tal, which is also an artist under the label as the co founder. We’ve helped numerous artists put themselves in a wellbeing position in their career.

David: When did you realize that you had crazy ambition?

Yan: At the point in my life where I was shedding blood, sweat and tears. I sacrificed a lot in my life to get where I am. There were nights where I did not sleep because of all the ideas I had to change the game in every sense.

David: How and when did you really start to turn your interests in the music industry into a full-time career?

Yan: I’ve been producing since I was 14, and I keep my beats really exclusive. I don’t sell them online, I go to the studio a lot and have been in them for hours upon days where I need to vibe with the artist and give them a beat. But I turned my interests from producing to full time management on our label in 2017 when I was 17.

David: Tell us about what it is exactly that you do

Yan: I’m a one stop shop. I’m not trying to be cocky but trying to motivate others and say that if there is someone requesting services from you and you don’t do it, learn to do it and use that as an extra revenue source. Aside from that, I do artist management, web development, marketing and PR, distribution and brand development.

David: Who have you worked with?

Yan: I’ve worked with numerous numbers of artists and glad to say I did, I’ve worked with well known locals to a-list celebs developing their brand, or marketing them.

David: What does the future hold for you?

Yan: On the real note, it’s the future for the reason. I hope to believe that I’ll be side by side my artists at their record label deals, at their 50k fan shows, providing a fortune and good life for my family and loved ones. The future is in my hands, and it’s my mission to achieve it for the better being.

David: If you could give one piece of advice to ambitious individuals, what would it be?

Yan: You have to keep going, I had very dark thoughts in my career of wanting to end my businesses, I wanted to just drop everything; the time came when I made my own door and made the connections, got somewhere and became who I am today. In all, please take my advice and keep your head up and block out negativity and chase your dream, if you don’t wake up and chase your dream; you’re still in your nightmare.

David: Do you have a favorite project or event that you have worked on?

Yan: Not necessarily, every project I work on always amazes me and opens a new world for me. Every project I worked with whether it’s a new artist or someone you may know or listen to, everyone is different. There will always be new projects that are my favorite.

David: What is your stance on drug use?

Yan: I believe, and this is my point of view; that anyone that takes drugs or does them, has their own need for them or something they have been through. Yeah it gets you through the pain, but it brings pain to others. But if you’re smoking on a joint, you’re life good and your stable then enjoy yourself. But drug use, will never be okay, and I’m not just saying that for the interview. Everyone has been through something in life, you need to take different and healthier approaches.

David: How does it affect your work/creativity?

Yan: Creative wise, it can be a hell of a boost, for the right person though. If the wrong person does it, they would just be laying on the couch or not doing anything to further their success/career.

David: Top 5 things you need to do to be successful/ or were crucial in your own success?:

  1. Keep focusing on your goal.

  2. Don’t listen to anyone else but yourself, sometimes people will give you negative feedback on purpose so you don’t win.

  3. Support others, you never know how bad a person needs a helping hand.

  4. Work smart not hard, don’t be putting 60 hours of labor or your time for minimum wage. Work 6 hours a week if you want but make more than you would in a month from that minimum wage job.

  5. Don’t ever give up on your dream, focus on what you want to do and how it can benefit you.

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