We spoke with Ohio rapper Twon93p about what sparks his creativity

19 year old Cleveland, Ohio artist Twon93p began making music as a freshman in high school. Making up a genre of his own Twon93p said, “I would say I’m in the smooth flexico genre. I talk about taking niggas hoes, getting guap, all that flexin’ shit and I’m a smooth nigga that’s where that come in at.” Having been compared to Chief and Carti its easy to see why Twon93p stands out as an artist and a creative. Chief is also one of his biggest inspirations along with ASAP Rocky, and Wayne. Chief changed the way he looked at music, Rocky turned him onto a smooth pretty boy style, and Wayne continues to impact the young artist through his incredible metaphors and word play. At this exact moment Twon93p references D Savage, Nudy, Carti, and Mari as his favorite artists.

The Cleveland artist stands out with his unique voice and versatile ability to switch up his flow in every song he creates. He aims to create works of art that embody his creativity and give the listener a great experience.

“Niggas should listen to my music because that shit beautiful to the human ear. Smoke a blunt and listen to my shit and tell me you don’t see artwork.”

Before recording he finds it useful to listen to his own or others music to get into the vibe and be inspired. Also a key element in his recording process is smoking some grade A ganja. “my biggest inspiration is the gas for sure. Some 93 in my body, on god it’s like fuel.” He then sifts through beats, freestyling and creating melodies to pick exactly which beat will become a song that day.

Twon93p is out here seeking a total take over, he wants to one day be recognized as a legend in the music community. “I need everybody to know who the fuck twon93p is.” With no lack of ambition, the Cleveland rapper keeps to himself and his tight circle. He’s been through ups and downs just as everyone has, but he moves past any distractions and stays focused on “trying to get this guap and live my dreams”. He also mentions his love for his city regardless of the hardships and crimes he has witnessed growing up there.

Shoutout my nigga mari man he doing his thing. Met him in elementary now we doin this rap shit. Shoutout my nigga Cheddar man bitch b spazzin on the track. Met in elementary too. Shoutout my nigga Krazy8 on the beat he on his fuckin way. Met him in elementary. Shoutout josh, ty, wop, dtc, nani, ant all gang supported me since day 1 of doin this shit. Shout out all the suppoters I love yall. #premium$hit”

Yet to believe he has reached success yet, Twon93p knows he is well on his way. With a tunnel-vision strategy and blinders to all the irrelevant, he is strictly focused on himself and building/developing his craft. Definitely Someone to look out for in the future, the artist mentions some singles dropping relatively soon as well as the $tations E.P, his new 3 song project that is promised to be wonderful. “Keep expecting premium$hit.”

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