Pennsylvania rapper Dusty aims for originality above all

Having a passion for music since he was just a young kid, 21-year-old rapper Dusty has been working a long time to create a unique sound when rapping in the booth. Growing up in Union City, PA, a small town near Erie, he has been seriously making music for a few years now. Surrounded by hard drug use in his area, he had tough times growing up with his seven other siblings but always found ways to shine through the dark.

Using his time when in the booth to hone in on his craft, he writes constantly and is always searching for new music and instrumentals to inspire his music.

“I’m not out here trying to steal flows and stuff. I don’t want to be generic or be a rip off [of someone else]”

Aiming to make music that is different and true to himself as an individual, he draws inspiration from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Cole, and Tupac. Listening to their words and beat selections inspires Dusty to make better music and his talent grows with each release.

Recently releasing his newest project Straight out the Basement, featuring Kid id, Winkey, and Drizztopher Walken, about a month ago, he is hungry to make a splash in the industry and have his music heard. With big aspirations of having his name “written in stone in the history of hip-hop,” his ambitious attitude drives his creativity. During our interview he told me that he linked with Futuristic in Arizona to record a few songs while he was on vacation. Stopping at nothing and not letting anything get in his way when it comes to his music he will continue to make music.

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