Ohio rapper Lil Grxm releases brand new music with Choker Chains (prod. hendo)

Consistently releasing great new music, Canton, Ohio-based rapper Lil Grxm doesn’t disappoint with his newest release Choker Chains. Getting a production assist from hendo, he raps over a melodic, almost euphoric instrumental.

“I got so much dough, girl

Diamonds be on soak, aye

My wrist feel like snow, girl.

I pulled up in your crib,

Choker Chains around my throat, aye

Your wifey get no dick,

swear her mcm a broke, aye”

Rapping about his meteoric come up and past flames that won’t get the time of day from Grxm. Coming from humble beginnings, he is up now and ready to claim his spot in the industry.

Creating a truly unique sound, every track from Lil Grxm has his signature sauce added to trap-infused beats. Drugs and girls seem to frequent the rapper as he bears his soul on the track. Immediately upon first listen to Choker Chains, the smooth vocals are in stark contrast to the lyrical content. On a rise to the top, Grxm is here to take your girl and rap better than you.

Making all the right moves in the underground, expect to be hearing a lot more from Lil Grxm in the very near future. Released just a few days after another new song titled Routine, he compiled the two into a playlist that hints at more music, potentially a full project from the rapper. Be sure to check out Choker Chains (prod. hendo) below and be on the look out for more music later this year.

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