Endless creativity with buzzing Fayetteville rapper iloveyouoxxy!

When asked about his roots and how he began to make music, rapper iloveyouoxxy!, born Kaleb White, told me that “in high school, a lot of [his] friends picked it up [and they] did it together – it was a hobby that turned into something greater.” The Fayetteville, North Carolina native started writing songs and freestyling with his friends back in 2013 and has been crafting his art and his voice for five years now. 22-years-old currently, oxxy has been putting in work, etching his name into the Underground and finessing his way into the industry.

Evolving from his early “hard trap,” which gave off a Robb Banks-type of vibe, he has since found his niche in “a more melodic cloud rap, and [he tries] to incorporate ‘drip music’ type verses with mesmerizing hooks over melodic beats.” Putting his own spin on a new-school trap style, he draws inspiration from rappers like Lil Wayne, Young Thug, and Snoop Dogg. Studying the genre and learning from the greats, he aims continue what they started, he consciously let his music carry a similar energy. Seeming more mature and wiser than he average 22-year-old, he tells me straight up that “[he wants] to sign – I’d like to sign to 300 or Alamo off top.

Born in Richmond, VA and raised there until he was 13 and then he moved to Fayetteville, NC and spent his later adolescence there. Telling me that “many people think Fayetteville is similar to Chicago in terms of crime and shit – there’s just a lot of heroin.” He grew up in a family that was severely affected by heroin, a story that is all too familiar to many in the Fayetteville area. In an area that is lacking in youth creativity, “egos get in the way of everything.” While he did develop close friends from North Carolina, “[he is] focused on the money and the opportunities that I can give my family and my niggas.”

Although he is able to put out song after song, “[his] music will always be crafted to [his] standards and nothing below it. [He’s] going to release track after track until the right person hears [him].” With incredible consistency, he drops new heat at least weekly, and never fails to hit the insanely high standards that he sets for himself. Crafting relatable music, he truly has a wide range in the booth. “[He has] an array of sounds and moods that carry my consistent hooks & versatile verses. There’s at least one song that’ll make you a supporter,” he told me. Before getting in the studio to record, his secret is that “[he hums] out a melody for a verse before [he] even puts words into it – it sets an outline for [him] and then [he] just writes to fit the scheme.

David: Where does your inspiration for DEAD LAST (an underground music blog that he runs on the side as well) come from?

iloveyouoxxy!: My inspiration comes from all the times I was counted out and picked last. A lot of people can relate to that and I want us to be on top. Dead Last is here to shed light on those currently in last place but deserve so much more.

David: What shows do you binge watch currently?

iloveyouoxxy!: I was binge watching Black Mirror bruh, that shit is a must watch. It’s crazy. Also, 11.22.63, which is on Hulu & about James Franco as he travels back in time to stop the assassination of JKF.

David: Favorite Movie?

iloveyouoxxy!: My favorite movie is Fantastic Mr. Fox.

David: Blunts or joints?

iloveyouoxxy!: Blunts all the way. Dutch Masters (not those fusion shits), Optimo from time to time, & I’m finally getting on the backwoods trend.

David: Favorite drug?

iloveyouoxxy!: Honestly my favorite drug is LSD, its helped me solve every tough decision I’ve ever been faced with.

David: Worst experience while being high?

iloveyouoxxy!: The worst experience ever while being high, was getting arrested in my college dorm because my roommate snitched on me. Sat in jail for like 3 days lol.

David: Favorite food?

iloveyouoxxy!: My favorite food is lasagna

David: If you could work w one artist – who and why?

iloveyouoxxy!: If I could work with any artist, it’d be Peep. He was so influential to me and always caused a sense of nostalgia when listening to his music. His music got me through a lot. RIP, a legend lost too soon.

David: Best piece of advice you have received?

iloveyouoxxy!: The best advice i ever received was from Nipz (@byNipz) on various graphic design related stuff. He always keeps it very blunt with me. That’s the only way I’ll get better.

David: Favorite piece of clothing you own?

iloveyouoxxy!: Favorite piece of clothing I own is Villa’s “Welcome Home” tee. Still on sale!

David: Best rap show you have ever been to?

iloveyouoxxy!: I haven’t been to a show that wasn’t mine. Soooooo, I guess mine?

Except for a few collab EP’s on the way with fellow rappers from the Carolinas like ZNasty, Drahlow, and DAWSZN, he has no solo albums or projects coming. Waiting until he has “[honed his] sound and fan base” before he drops, he still keeps his fans satisfied with new music and songs constantly. Along with his music, he also has a blog dedicated to giving the underground a spotlight. He has a streetwear brand as well, Villa (@villanotte), “dedicated to affordable clothing with a mixture of architectural design and streetwear culture. We are blessed to be able to donate part of our proceeds to help the research in finding a cure for Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes, which my younger brother suffers from.

iloveyouoxxy! is next up, and I am very excited to see where he will take his career. A very creative individual all around, we will be seeing a lot from him in the very near future.

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