FATBOYSHAUN discusses his journey to the top of the underground

With initial goals of “trying to feed the fam and those who have helped [him] get to where [he is],” rapper from Corpus Christi, Texas, FATBOYSHAUN, has been grinding and trying to make a name for himself. Drawing inspiration from Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, and Pollari, he wears his inspirations on his sleeve, while at the same time adapting, evolving, and putting his own personal brand in the mix. Having a self-proclaimed “garbage work ethic,” staying out of the studio for sometimes a few weeks at a time, he shows great promise and talent in the booth. Because although dormant for periods of time, “in one day [he] could knock out 5-6 songs if it’s feeling right.

The now 21-year-old demon got into rapping from one of his close friends at the age of 13. Coming up on about 8 years of honing in on his skills in the industry, this past year having really started to take music seriously, SHAUN really found his voice in the booth. Creating classics like DEMONS [prod. DUNCBEATS] and LAYING LOW [feat. ZAE K] [prod. jcam], it is clear that the hard work and dedication to the genre is paying off big. Opting for a more monotone style of spitting, over incredibly melodic instrumentals he creates a vibe that is almost euphoric. Crafting his own style while on the mic, SHAUN is making all of the correct moves in the industry with his manager Bailey Correia behind him supporting. “Bailey makes sure I’m working – so we [have] a lot shit coming out soon.

David: What makes your music stand out from your peers?

FATBOYSHAUN: “I don’t know what separates any of us, tbh? We are all trying to do the same things in our own way. But I just try to have fun and make the best shit I possibly can.

David: Tell me a little about the process of making music for you, where does your inspiration come from?

FATBOYSHAUN: “My inspiration comes from everything around me, whether it be trapping or just some shit I want. Speak things into existence – so if I talk about a foreign, eventually [I’m going to] have one.

David: Any shout outs to your crew members?

FATYBOYSHAUN: “Big shout out to Bailey, my manager, without him none of this happens. After that – everybody in homebase. ZaeK – we got an EP coming out: “Thiccbois,” some surprises on there. Shout out my local homies – the few I do have, you know who you are.

Blunts or joints? – “Woods and woods only. Do not pass me nothing but woods – Bailey made me smoke a swisher the other day and I’m still mad a bout that shit…

Favorite drug? – “Percs or adderall. I don’t know, man, I’ll do anything once but like meth and shit. Some of these niggas weird bro.

Worst experience while being high? – “First time I tried acid I thought a random nigga was the devil and it was the worst night ever.

Favorite food? “Fast food definitely is Popeye’s, but category definitely would have to be Mexican.”

If you could work with one artist – who would it be and why? – “At this current moment in my head I have to say Pollari. [He] really just never misses. I don’t know, there are a lot of people I want to work with – but it’s all coming soon.

Best piece of advice you have received? – “‘Don’t take yourself too seriously.’ Having fun makes shit way easier, niggas gonna hate – there’s been hating niggas since the beginning of the earth so just don’t mind that shit.

Favorite piece of clothing you own? Damn right now i don’t even know bunch of Supreme and hypebeast shit.

Best rap show you have ever been to? Bro I don’t even know – i just did a CHXPO show, that shit was dope. I’m about to go to a Tracy show and he one of my favorites, so that shit should be dope. I’ve seen Kanye three times but that’s a cliche-ass answer, so…

Growing up in a town that he describes as “trash 90% of the time,” where “everyone bites everything everyone [else] does,” FATBOYSHAUN stays swerving the fakes. Living in a town where it is difficult to express oneself artistically, where the support is fraudulent or nonexistent, it can be nearly impossible to rise above mediocrity and create. Hating when he is compared to his contemporaries, he actively seeks to carve his way and stay in his own lane musically. Creating his own style of the “SoundCloud wave,” he raps over melodic, intoxicating instrumentals, with savage, repetitive lyrics that hit the ear just right. With catchy hooks and great bars throughout all of his music, he is speeding out of the underground with his foot on the gas and gas in the backwood.

Moving forward I can not wait to see where FATBOYSHAUN’s career takes him – his humility and realness will certainly carry him far. Staying a leg up on the competition, he will always be one step ahead. With his people, including manager Bailey Correia, behind him, he will have no problem navigating his way through the seemingly endless and incredibly beautiful sea of underground rap music. Already performing shows and getting his music heard, keep an ear out as you will absolutely be seeing more of this kid in the future. Stay tuned for new music in the works!

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