Kyng Kilo releases new track – Water (prod. Mason Taylor)

Late last night, rapper Kyng Kilo from Swainsboro, Georgia, blessed our ears with a new, icy track appropriately titled Water (prod. Mason Taylor). Rapping over a spacey instrumental, with an initial build up that almost draws you in to the bars that Kilo is about to spit, he tears up the booth. Jumping right into the chorus, he bosses up rapping about new ice and being dripping with water. The instrumental provided by Mason Taylor perfectly mirrors the mood of the song and the overall vibe of the track.

When writing and recording new music, he draws inspiration from “previous situations, new situations, past relationships, and shit that [he wants].” Essentially hitting all of those topics on is newest track, he effortlessly switches between singing lyrics in a fantastic voice and rapping savage bars on the very next line. Truly enjoying the art of making music, Kilo is always striving for improvement. Being an excellent example of human resiliency, he has overcome every obstacle that he has come across in life. Raised in a town of “real life monsters,” his surroundings have made his tougher and have made his mentality cold, yet laser-focused.

With more than three years of producing and creating music under his belt, Kyng Kilo has been making strides to get his name out there and to have his music heard. Making several connections across the pond in London, along with putting out better and better music – he is doing everything correctly to break into the industry with some big numbers. Telling me that he refrains from any type of distractions getting in the way of his creative process, he chooses to focus all of his energy on making great music. Listen to his newest track below and stay on the look out for more coverage of Kyng Kilo coming soon!

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