Connecticut rapper/producer The Law creates the vibe and ignites the booth

Born in Norwalk, Connecticut, but raised in Danbury, Connecticut, 18 year old rapper and producer, The Law, born Lawrens Buissereth, can remember writing raps with his friends all the way back in elementary school. As he grew older “[his] music teacher got [him] to play trumpet around that time, and in middle school [he] started playing piano too, so [he has] always been pretty musical.” After getting a Mac that he could use for school back when he was 13, “it was a wrap from there,” as he started to use GarageBand. Coming from humble beginnings, he has never quit on his passion for music and began to delve deep into the genre.

Making music for over five years now, The Law has been producing music and even rapping a little bit over his own music. Choosing to actively focus on making beats, he has been grinding to produce the best music he can. Getting better with every project he works on, progression and improvement are always on his mind. Although still young – just 18 years old, from his interview with us we could tell that he possesses more wisdom than most of his peers. Drawing inspiration from Zaytoven, Pierre Bourne, and TM88, some of the most influential producers in the game currently, The Law aims to follow in their footsteps. Striving to set the vibe in the underground, he works with a variety of different artists to get his music heard.

Actively working smarter rather than harder, he tries to step past a lot of his peers entirely. “Well, I’ve always been a believer in working smart, not hard. I see a lot of [people] waste so much energy working hard in shit that barely benefits them.” When he finally sits down to make new music he told me that it is usually “fresh off a good ass meal or high as f–k, sometimes both. My inspiration usually comes from whatever I just ate, smoked, or just how I’m feeling at the moment.” Truly capturing the vibe of the moment when he produces new music, or writes new music, The Law has a great ear for what harmonizes well together.

Constantly working on his health and success, every single that he is working on for right now is for an album that he plans on releasing in September. As he improves every day, I am seriously looking forward to that project. If his past releases are any indication of the mood of the new album we are definitely in for some good music. However, he told me during the interview that listeners should “not come in with [any] expectations because my shit going to be all over the place, for real.” In the focused and confident mental state in which The Law currently finds himself, he is able to put all of his energy into progressing musically.

Although The Law finds himself behind the boards more often than not, we do get some rare gems dropped in the booth by the talented musician. Producing everything that he has on his website, he personally ignites the track on several cuts including broke boy, wedding ring, and For A Minute. Consistently creating all around great music, he stays humble and focused on his goals in the industry. With his eyes set on the long term goal of earning a Grammy, he is laying all the correct footwork now to ensure a smooth path to the top.

Listen to his newest music on his website and be on the look out for his newest material still to come very soon! There is always new music being pumped out of the Connecticut-based producer/rapper’s studio, like the freshest edition to the playlist Super Size Body (feat. Jonesy, TooButta & Deuce Blaze) – a bass-knocking, trunk rattling, overall catchy song featuring three great rappers, produced by The Law. Putting on for his city, he connects with people and elevates them through his music, just like any great producer should. After hearing his current releases, I am very excited to see where he will go in the industry. He creates a type of music that can truly be enjoyed by every generation – expect to be hearing his name much more going forward.

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