Noah Fence drops new track – 21st Century Adolescent (prod. MaxNebula)

Rapping over a laid back instrumental with soft 808’s, chill high-hats and light snare hits, rapper from the St. Louis, Missouri area Noah Fence brings us a new soundtrack for our generation. Accurately titled 21st Century Adolescent, he creates such a vibe that truly captivates the listener and draws them into his lyrics as he sings the chorus:

She just wanna ride on my ocean,

If you need a ride get yo’ own shit.

Take an Uber for the night now we coasting,

I be making moves, never post ’em.

Perfectly paired with the beat over which he sings, the producer who blessed us with these melodies, MaxNebula, captured the sounds of today flawlessly.

Living in a world in which the youth is constantly bombarded with temptation and vices all around them, so many young people are surrounded by evils. The “devil” truly is sitting right next to Noah and so many more in today’s society. Drawing inspiration from the events that he sees in his daily life with the people close to him, he flawlessly creates a beautiful track that is full of different layers and meanings.

Know the devil been testing me,

Sitting right next to me,

Hope I’m not a goner tonight

Providing a smoked-out energy, he captures the life of the come up, being steady tested by the “devil,” and his various adventures with females. Creating a track that truly narrates the generation, Fence is living his life as a true 21 Century Adolescent. Rocking vans, waking up in a trance from events that took place the night before, blowing trees, and living life, he is truly making moves by creating music that is so universal.

A very talented musician with a hunger for improvement and success, you have certainly not heard the last from this guy. Releasing songs constantly, he never keeps his fans low on new music and incredible vibes. Check out Noah Fence’s song 21st Century Adolescent here and stay tuned for an interview coming very soon!

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