The Alan Vuong Interview 

If you have a dream or a goal whether it be small or large there’s no reason you can’t obtain it. Alan Vuong is an artist I think who would firmly stand on that statement, as he’s in the mist of doing just that! A good friend of mine recently put me onto Mr. Vuong’s music, I instantly became a fan and hooked on this record he’s been teasing on TikTok titled “fwm”, for the boomers on the site that translates to “fuck with me”. This SoCal native is creating his own unique style & genre, don’t believe me? Then tap in below and learn more about the musical sensation that is Alan Vuong. (btw if you’re reading this the songs out now, and I’ll link it below)

DS: Who is Alan Vuong? Describe yourself in 3 words.

AV: Alan Vuong is just some guy that makes music in his room haha but I guess you can say I’m expressive, patient, and empathetic. 

DS: What inspired you to purse music? 

AV: It kind of all started from seeing one of my cousins upload his songs on Soundcloud and he was making the songs and writing them and recording them in his room. Even though I wasn’t even into music back then, it open my eyes to see that you don’t need crazy equipment to make songs. So then I tried making songs with my beats headphones + aux chord as my mic and GarageBand and from there it just started that fire in me. 

DS: You’re having a crazy moment right now with your upcoming single “fwm”, can you give us more insight behind the song? And how you were able to gain so much traction/attention on a record you haven’t released yet? (btw if you’re reading this the songs out now)

AV: Yeah the song was made this one night where I was making like 7 songs in one sitting and this was the last one that I made before I slept. I wrote this song originally with a different perspective, more of a sadder perspective but I ended up wanting to change it so it could be less sad. As far as getting traction, it happend to be a post on tiktok that helped me out and I just told everyone to pre-save and if they showed me I’d send them an early snippet, but that was it nothing much 🙂

DS: Where are you currently based/home for you? 

AV: I’m based in Southern California, going back and forth from LA & Orange County 

DS: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Any goals you hope to reach? 

AV: Just hoping that I won’t be in the same spot that I’m in right now haha. But yeah I’m not really thinking about myself that far ahead yet and I don’t want to get too ahead of myself but I’m just taking it a day at a time and trying to be better than the day prior by putting in as much effort as I can everyday to be better. So maybe in 3 or 5 years we’ll see what happens

DS: Besides “fwm” dropping this Friday 6/9 , what else can your fans be on the lookout for? 

AV: Definitely more music coming after this one & we dropping a mini project “STORY OF ARCHIVES” and also gonna be starting our collective 1141 SOUND but yeah got some videos & other content & all that coming soon but yeah!

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