TAILAND, of 1014 Entertainment, released his single “DAMN” on all platforms on March 7 this year, and it’s criminally underrated. This short and sweet banger will surely make your car shake with its thumping bass, simplistic yet intriguing flow, content matter, and much more. It’s so easy to leave this song on repeat and let the tune enchant you. All in all, TAILAND proved himself on this beautiful track. Listen to it below!

Listen to “DAMN” by TAILAND above!

Hailing from New Orleans, LA, TAILAND is a prospect for the future. Nowadays, the underground is littered with artists obsessing over their vocal preset that takes away from their vocals. Instead, TAILAND keeps his vocals simple. They’re, for the most part, raw, and that’s in a good way. TAILAND is a prime example of a nice change in the underground.

In an interview, TAILAND says that his biggest inspiration is himself. So instead of taking traits of other artists and becoming yet another copycat of the front runners, he intends to define a lane of his own and show people that he’s just as good, if not better than everyone else, and he’s being his own individual.

And, as you can see by the numbers, he’s starting to benefit from his outlook on his career. On SoundCloud, “DAMN” has over 200,000 plays, and it’s still climbing! If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see that he only has four songs out, but his lowest number of plays is almost 25,000. TAILAND has made enormous strides for an artist so early in their career. His entire plays total out to around 413.9K plays!

TAILAND is growing worldwide, so if you want to be one of his early fans, you better tap in with him soon! You can find him on Instagram here and can listen to the rest of his discography below!

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