Brickbanshrty Creates a New Vibe with “##VOODOO#CHILD”

Brickbanshrty is one of the front runners of his genre in his city Atlanta, GA. The best way to describe his music is a goth-inspired trap with a hint of plugg drums mixed in. When reading that, the underground legend, Sickboyrari may come to mind, and Brick is influenced by him, but he’s stepping into his own lane with his flows, beat selection, and cadences. Brick is a one-of-a-kind artist that has been accumulating a cult fanbase on SoundCloud for a while now, and he continues to do so with his latest drop, “##VOODOO#CHILD.”

Listen to “##VOODOO#CHILD” by Brickbanshrty above!

In the past month, “##VOODOO#CHILD” has accumulated over 6,500 plays on SoundCloud. This is normal for Brick since he gets at least that many plays on all of his songs. He’s been getting these numbers since his early days of music, and his growth rate is only going up. But what makes “##VOODOO#CHILD” just as notable as the rest of Brickbanshrty’s songs.

Brickbanshrty has a sound like no other. He chooses beats that are angelic, ethereal, graceful, etc., with drums sure to shake your car. Opposing are his raw vocals that come through raspy, clear, and sharp. You would think these two things would take away from one another, but they actually amalgamate to become one gorgeous unified piece. “##VOODOO#CHILD” is Brick’s latest example of this captivating combination and is well worth a listen or two.

The best way to reach Brickbanshrty is through his Instagram. If you liked the song above, check out his top 10 songs on Spotify below!

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