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“Vision: Moon” By Alex Omen

Alex Omen released his 7-song album, “Vision: Moon,” in late February on all platforms. Nowadays, copycats and a lack of effort are watered down the underground. However, Omen freshens up space with his extraordinary album “Vision: Moon.” Instead of hopping on all of the regular rage beats, Omen displays his prowess in singing. He has an exciting voice that engages the listener from the jump.

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Omen’s “Vision: Moon” is a highly underrated project. Over half the songs have reached over 1,000 plays on Spotify but deserve way more attention than that. On each piece, Omen pours his heart out, immersing the listener in a rollercoaster of emotions. Nowadays, too many artists need to put their raw emotions into their work. Instead, Omen takes it upon himself to be vulnerable with his audience. This creates a more intimate connection between Omen and his fans because he lets them know they are not alone in their struggles.

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My personal favorite has to be track 5, “Aura.” Omen pleads with his significant other for them to show more of themselves to him. Whether physical or emotional, Omen is persuading this certain someone with his soothing voice over the top of this RnB beat with a hint of afro-beat drums. He is telling this person that it’s clear that they’ve been through tough times and that they don’t have to have their guard up around him. The track’s simplicity in messaging and subject value may make it predictable, but this predictability makes this Omen song so great. The listener doesn’t have to do a lot of thinking and can simply sit back and enjoy the raw talent that Omen has.

Listen to “Vision: Moon” by Alex Omen, above or here. You can tap in with Alex Omen on Instagram here, below, or above. Be on the lookout for the next Alex Omen project because he is undoubtedly on the rise!

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